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Another great story of finding Jesus

The Alpha Course | An Alpha Guest

This is 2 minutes of time that you won’t feel you wasted!  Enjoy.


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Give it up

With the season of Lent coming quickly (Pancake Tuesday on … Tuesday!) I’d like to share a short reflection by Sandy Millar (former vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in London).

“The point of Lent is not just to give up coffee or alcohol or whatever it is we have resolved, worthy though that may be. It is to give up sin.”

In my life, starting afresh today, I declare myself an enemy of sin and willingly turn aside from everything that keeps me from the Love of God.

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“Different” Evangelists needed for Canadian Churches?

This is a blog from David Arrol Macfarlane who works with the Billy Graham society.  And before you write it off as a Billy Graham style evangelism piece, I think you’ll be stretched to think about the role of evangelists in the church.  Imagine differently.

I love being around evangelists!
Over the years I have been privileged to see God at work when personally involved in the ministries of Luis Palau, Terry Winter, Michael Green and now as I serve with the Billy Graham team. Seeing people come to Christ deeply moves me and brings me tears of joy. I recall a lady I led to Christ the week before, greeting me effervescently: “This has been the best week of my entire life!” How can you ever get tired of evangelism?

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A servant in the courts of the Lord

Been meditating on Psalm 84 and love this prayer of St. Columba.

For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness. Psalm 84.10 ESV

Almighty Father,Son and Holy Ghost,
Eternal,ever-blessed gracious God,
To me the least of saints,to me,allow
That I may keep a door in Paradise;
That I may keep even the smallest door,
The furthest door,
The darkest coldest door,
The door that is least used,
The stiffest door,
If so it be but in thine house,O God !
If so it be that I can see Thy Glory,
Even afar and hear Thy Voice,O God !
And know that I am with Thee – Thee ,O God.
St. Columba

I love this image of being so desperate for the presence of God that I’d take the role of a servant who had an insignificant role just to be near Him. What do you imagine?



The Best Prayer Meetings (or at least better prayer meetings)

My prayer is that our churches would be praying churches who find that the prayer meeting is the best meeting and weekly highlight for the congregation.

While I was thinking about this entry I initially thought I’d write about all the ways that prayer meetings get killed. And, maybe someday I’ll tell you what prayer meeting killers I’ve encountered (and used); but there are fewer good ideas about how to keep a prayer meeting fun and sweet.

On ramps are a way of understanding quickly what is going on. When a prayer meeting has good on ramps, more people are praying, there are fewer spectators and more participants. Obviously the on ramps will challenge some of our experiences and practices but in the long term, even in the short term, we’ll find prayer meetings an enjoyable experience.

1. Start and end in worship

I’m amazed at how quickly I run out of words to describe my love and enjoyment of God. I can talk abot my bike or a hockey game for hours but after 30 seconds, I run out of words, “Jesus, you’re great, you’re awesome, you’re beautiful, I love you, you’re great, you’re beautiful…”. Bother, and I’ve spent years trying to get better at speaking. Continue reading