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Surprised by my neighbours

Sometimes I get very distracted by bookshelves – so many great books to read and enjoy, and so much work to procrastinate! Picked up Thom Ranier’s book, “The Unchurched Next Door,” and I’ve been ruined for the past 2 days. I’d like to share with you his top 10 surprises from the introduction (didn’t even make it to chapter 1 before I was ruined).  I’m not sure how much I like the term “unchurched”, better might be neighbour – I’ll stick with that.

#1 – Most of your neighbours prefer to attend church on Sunday
#2 – Females are usually most antagonistic or most receptive to the gospel
#3 – Most of my neighbours feel guilty about not attending church Continue reading


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I like Free Stuff, and sharing

Phil Wickham -Wants to share a new live album “Singalong 2” and encourages you to sponsor Compassion Child.  I’d encourage you to do both here. (Until June 15/12)

Michael Hyatt – wants to help you build a platform to help you get noticed with his new book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” and to help him get on the Bestseller Book list he’ll give you lots of free stuff here. (Until May 25/12)

And, while it’s not free, our church, Sanctuary House of Prayer, has released a new CD, it’s available for purchase online here.  It’s live worship from our prayer room.

Have you come across any great or free stuff lately?  I’d love to hear about it.

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What is Prayer About?

“It’s amazing to think that Jesus is praying for us right now and always.  The aim of our prayers should be to enter into the divine dialogue that is already taking place.  Withe Spirit’s help, we out to seek to listen and then join in by agreeing with what we hear.  In this way, prayer draws us into relationship with the Trinity…”  Jeremy Jennings

Prayer is all about God – there is nothing that we do, outside of cooperating with Him.  Firstly it’s about His presence – Moses in Exodus 33.11 says to God, that Israel will not go if God doesn’t go with them.  Moses is desperate for God give them his presence, not just knowledge about himself.  In 1 Chronicles 7:14, God’s key instruction in prayer is to “seek his face.”  There is no other task or activity that will activate God’s cooperation with us.  Or, God does not co-operate with us, we co-operate with him and he wants us to seek his face.

Secondly, God shows his power through weak and desperate people – i.e. the ones who pray.  The early disciples had a 10 day & night prayer meeting before the day of Pentecost.  The persecuted church in China (and many other nations) has seen tremendous growth and tremendous persecution in the context of desperate prayer.  When was the last time that I prayed so desperately that I just would not let go?  Have failures to see the answers I wanted discouraged me from continuing to pray?  Prayer is not a magic pill to success and power, but it is the only way that God does work in power.  Where God is moving powerfully, there has been prayer – people ready to co-operate with what God wants to do.

Imagine a church cancelling everything it did, to pray.  If prayer is for us and our benefit, it makes sense that we should pursue God, and not his activities.

Lord, if you’re not coming with us, we’re not going!

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Can prayer be exciting?

I’d like to share with you some practical wisdom on prayer from Jeremy Jennings – on staff at HTB (Holy Trinity Brompton Church) for many years leading prayer.  He began before Nicky Gumbel began to dream and innovate with Alpha and through the amazing work of the Holy Spirit that arose in the mid nineties – managing without dampening the passion.

“On February 9, 1997 The Sunday Telegraph carried a full page article under the heading “The Church on its Knees.”  Continue reading

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Why should we pray?

Here’s a whimsical and short video that introduces people to 24-7 Prayer and the Red Moon Rising movement.  

I have been part of 2 communities where we have engaged in a week of continuous prayer as a part of this global movement.  In 2004, we even had 2 more churches follow us with weeks of their own (also in Winnipeg).  Later that year Gateway Christian Fellowship opened their prayer furnace and it still runs 24-7.

September 9-16, Alpha Canada is inviting churches, campus groups, Alpha teams, youth groups and other trouble makers to lead a week of prayer for our nation.  Find more information at