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The most important book of the Bible

About 6 years ago, after reflecting with a pastor friend about where I wanted to be in 10 years he asked me, “if you were going to invest the next 5 years of study into a book of the Bible, what would it be?” My response was to understand the Bride of Christ, and so began my journey into the Song of Songs.

It’s been interesting to talk about this with my friends because most readers of the Bible are freaked out by the sexual language and vivid imagery. Continue reading


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A gem on how to treat volunteers

I came across this today, not sure the original source so if you know, let me know. Many of us have had good and bad volunteer experiences, perhaps this list helps you remember! Maybe you’re a leader of volunteers, this is a great tune up so you can turn all your volunteers into great volunteers!

10 Ways to Build Volunteers
1. Accentuate the positive.
2. Be liberal with praise.
3. Compliment them frequently,sincerely and in public.
4. Greet people by using their names.
5. Keep a file on their hobbies and special interests.
6. Work on your own self-image. You cannot love others if you don’t love
7. Give credit where credit is due. Don’t steal their thunder.
8. Ask,“How can I help?
9. Give appropriate challenges. People are bored when they are not
10. Listen! Listen! Listen!

10 Ways to Destroy Volunteers
1. Underestimate their potential.
2. Remove their reward.
3. Show a lack of confidence in them.
4. Expect immediate results.
5. Don’t support them.
6. Magnify their mistakes.
7. Ignore their success.
8. Understate the role they play.
9. Treat the task more important than the person.
10. Talk! Talk! Talk!

If you’ve had a good volunteer experience, why not publicly thank that person today.  Do it here if you’d like.

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Tasting God’s Goodness

Psalm 34.8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!

I’m captivated by the idea of tasting the Lord. What does it mean to taste that the Lord is good? What does it say about the Lord when it encourages me to use my lips and tongue to experience his goodness?
(my favorite place to write also stimulates my taste buds)

Thinking has been my primary way of encountering God. I love to meditate and study the words of the Bible to understand more. When things are beyond my understanding, I often put them aside as unimportant or just for later study. Trouble is, God regularly challenges my mind with experiences I don’t have a grid for understanding. Sometimes I’ve been confronted with God speaking to me in ways that I know he doesn’t speak. Continue reading