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How to thrive in a video-cast conference

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Since 2010 we have hosted a OneThing video-cast and have had amazing times of worship, teaching, fellowship, ministry and feasting. This week: December 28-31 you can join us – 1229 Windermere Ave, 7pm each evening.

While you might think that a conference by video is like watching church on TV, let me encourage you, this is not the case. Each of us can enjoy the full benefits of the conference with just a few simple practices.

1. Come early. Get you coat off, visit with friends, enjoy a warm drink or snack (bring something to share). Bring a travel mug (so you can bring your drink into the auditorium. Doors will likely be open by 6:30, come and be part of the welcoming team.
2. Sit close to the front. The sound is better, the encouragement is stronger, and we leave space for visitors who need a seat that’s safer.
3. Follow the instructions from the stage. The reason for this is to help the people around you – give them the full benefit of your participation. Stand when everyone stands, come forward for ministry when called, sing, dance, weep, sit and so on. It will feel awkward for the first 2 minutes, then you’ll settle right in.
4. Bring your kids. The worship is so fun – even if you don’t stay for the whole evening, come sing and dance with your kids. We’ll have a table set up in the back with coloring and quiet games. My 10 year old is looking forward to OneThing. (We may even come early to skate at the rink next door).
5. Bring your offering. The conference costs us very little but we can give along with the conference offerings.
6. Be prepared electronically. There will be lots of twitter action, look for notes on the website, make good notes & share your revelations.
7. Pray about someone you can invite. Then invite them. There will be strong salvation calls and healing ministry. It’s a great way to introduce a friend to your passion. Remember this: success is you inviting, their response is up to them (and the Holy Spirit).

Each evening goes until about 10:00. On new years eve the party goes through to midnight. We’ll order pizza, (bring some cash to throw in the pot) and have a real Holy Spirit Party!


Author: Robb Massey

I'm a husband, dad, pastor and a coach. I love following Jesus, riding my bike and having fun with my family. We live in wonderful Winnipeg, Manitoba in the prairie heartland of Canada

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