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The Victorious Christian Life

The past 7 years of my life have found me in a surprising place.  As a guy who loves hockey, and derives perverse pleasure from hurting younger men on bicycle rides I surprise myself by which book of the Bible has become, for me, a hobby.  With a few minutes to spare  I’ll open my Bible to Song of Songs (yes, the love poem book).  When I’m in the book store, I’m looking to see if there are commentaries on Song of Songs.  I’m finding ancient texts that dig deep into this profoundly confusing and avoided book in Scripture.

It started as a 5 year dare: my friend and pastor Brian Creary asked me, “What book will you study for 5 years?”  I thought I’d stick in on a topic but rather have found that this book has unlocked my heart and my understanding into how God thinks and feels about me.  I also understand the seasons that He is bringing me through.

Lately, I’ve been wondering if my life in Christ must always be up and down.  Am I actually growing or can I ever expect to walk in victory over sin and compromise in my life?  Does Jesus see me as a screw up that he’s going to fix when he comes back, or is he redeeming me today and bringing me into greater maturity?

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