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Robb’s Laws for getting back on your bike

Yesterday I was having a good conversation with a friend about getting ready to ride bike again this spring.  It’s been a few years and so he’s weighing his options: get the bike he’d really like to ride (high quality and ready to race), upgrade the 20 year old bike in his garage or find an entry level bike that may suit his needs now, but not in the future if he reaches his goals.

Here in Winnipeg, the snow is just starting to melt, and we’re starting to think of all the spring activities we can do (in our parkas because it’s still -9C).  The bike shops are ready for you to come a spend some time and money to be ready for a new season of riding.  So what should you be considering if it’s been some time since you got on your bike?

It’s still snowy here in Winterpeg, but we can all feel the thaw coming (and the flood forecasts).

Getting ready to ride?  Here are 3 of my Laws for Cycling for Life, because I want you to find that cycling is a sport you can enjoy for most of your life (it’s not just for kids). Continue reading

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Missing Richard Twiss

About a dozen years ago I read “White Man’s Gospel” by Richard Twiss and began to understand (began to understand is not the same as understood) that Jesus wanted to live in my culture and in the culture of the people I was serving. Twiss’ voice was controversial, and still is.

This weekend he was in Washington DC for the National Prayer Breakfast and he died of a heart attack. As one writer has said, the world is not complete without him.

Here’s a link to a short video of Twiss sharing his passion for worshiping Christ the Creator within his own culture.

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3 Marks of an Alpha Church

I’d like you to imagine (and maybe as I write, a real person will come to mind) a young lady who’s looking for an Alpha Course.  She’s grown up in the church and now she’s in her twenties and dating a handsome young man who doesn’t share her faith, but he’s willing to learn (love does funny things doesn’t it?).  Then she asks at her church and can’t make it to her church’s course.  So she goes over to the Alpha website looking for a course, but can’t find anything there either.  Now I get the call – “Do you know of any churches who are running Alpha.
My kind of church - good name and they're running Alpha!

My kind of church – good name and they’re running Alpha!

This story does 3 things to me

  1. I want to find a course or start one.  Today!  I mean, there’s a young man who wants to know about Christianity and can’t find a church who’s ready to do it.
  2. I’m driven to pray – Lord, would you help this couple?  Are there more?  Help me to help them.
  3. I’m motivated to see 200 courses running in from Saskatoon to Thunder Bay this year.  Don’t tell my boss, she thinks we’re shooting for 103, but that won’t be enough. Continue reading