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Missing Fred Stoesz

Fred Stoesz

On Friday I lost a friend and mentor. Fred Stoesz was 60 years old and finally lost his battle with cancer but won his great reward: Jesus.

I met Fred when he was invited to present a church planting in the inner-city seminar at Elmwood MB Church 11 or 12 years ago. I was working with inner-city teens and seeing them grow in faith. I also recognized that they didn’t fit into any of the current church moulds – so I signed up. I wanted to do what Fred had been doing, and what he was mentoring others to do – plant a church with disenfranchised people in my neighbourhood.

A short time later Fred moved to town and we met regularly to talk about my efforts and directions in church planting. Fred was always so encouraging and helpful and he didn’t give up his frontline ministry to just oversee younger men – he was actively involved with guys living street lives. His was a messy life – in things up to his armpits.

I will miss Fred as a pastor, mentor, intercessor, evangelist, friend of the poor, encourager of the weary, prophet to the church and my friend.

Thank you Fred for your legacy.


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God must love small churches

I believe, deep in my spirit, that God’s plan for Canada, and the whole earth, is deeply tied to small churches.  He must really love small churches, because there are so many of them.  I am confident that when Jesus returns, faithful men and women, from small churches, will receive great honour in their cities and towns because they faithfully announced the Good News, cared for widows and orphans and were known by the King as a lover of Jesus.

A very small church

In a few weeks I’ll be in Saskatchewan where there are more than 1800 Christian churches – many are small, many are struggling and many are faithful.  I don’t believe church size is a sign of God’s blessing and favour, but I also don’t believe that small churches must be small minded – we must be Kingdom minded.  I think there are 2 questions each believer and church leader should be asking to ensure that we’re in the place that God wants us.

1. What are you thinking and feeling about me Lord?

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Great Burgers in Regina

Okay, so when I have to go travelling, restaurant eating gets tiring very quickly.  Most of the food places just copy each other’s menus, the food is predictable, and I find I overpay for food that is only okay.  This time, heading off to Regina, I went in search of enjoyable coffee shops and great burgers.

3 wonderful burgers:

Burgers are my favorite food.  Their simple, delicious, customizable and can be paired in a variety of ways.  Here are the 3 wonderful burgers I found:


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