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God must love small churches

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I believe, deep in my spirit, that God’s plan for Canada, and the whole earth, is deeply tied to small churches.  He must really love small churches, because there are so many of them.  I am confident that when Jesus returns, faithful men and women, from small churches, will receive great honour in their cities and towns because they faithfully announced the Good News, cared for widows and orphans and were known by the King as a lover of Jesus.

A very small church

In a few weeks I’ll be in Saskatchewan where there are more than 1800 Christian churches – many are small, many are struggling and many are faithful.  I don’t believe church size is a sign of God’s blessing and favour, but I also don’t believe that small churches must be small minded – we must be Kingdom minded.  I think there are 2 questions each believer and church leader should be asking to ensure that we’re in the place that God wants us.

1. What are you thinking and feeling about me Lord?

This is a question of value and identity.  How valuable are you to God?  Just begin to read the scriptures and declare (out loud if you can) your worth to God.  Who are you, as you stand before God?  Are you his adopted child?  Are you his close friend?  Are you his chosen servant?  Are you his beloved bride?  Are you the one he is lavishing all the grace of his treasure house upon?

 2. What is it that you are doing that you’d have me join?

This is a question of assignment.  You have been given a good job to do (as an individual and as a church).  It is unique.  No one else can mark you on how well you do it (Jesus is a pretty good evaluator). Your assignment is something that Jesus is doing and want’s you to join him in – it’s never a solo project.  The results of your assignment are not up to you – they’re up to him.

As a small church, these 2 questions can be very helpful in remaining Kingdom minded.

Our identity is constantly under attack and when we start comparing things, pastors and members of smaller churches can get very insecure.  Declaring our position in Christ, before the Father, changes the spiritual atmosphere in our hearts and minds.

Our assignment is under constant scrutiny.  Paul, the Apostle, made a great point when he said that no one can judge another man’s servant.  As God’s servant, I have a role to play and a job to do – but my value is not based on this work.  Rather, I work with God because He values me.  God values my church and has a wonderful plan for it.

Would you imagine with me, the Canadian prairies being full of small, kingdom minded churches.  They are confident in the love that God has for them and they are committed to the assignment he’s asked them to join.  I believe that many people would be transformed by the Good News of Jesus, if only we would, in our small contexts, be mindful of God’s thoughts and plans for us.

If you’re a small church pastor, why not head over to my friend Dave’s site: Small Church Pastor!  He’s been a great help to me in understanding the normalcy of small church pastoring.


Author: Robb Massey

I'm a husband, dad, pastor and a coach. I love following Jesus, riding my bike and having fun with my family. We live in wonderful Winnipeg, Manitoba in the prairie heartland of Canada

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