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What I learned from the first BBQ of the season: a lesson in hospitality

Hospitality is Good News! A wise person once pointed out that as you extend your table to others that this is what God has done for us. While we were strangers, Christ set the table and invited us in to eat with him. He sets a table for us, even in the presence of our enemies.

It was so fun to receive a great meal courtesy of my friend Martin.

It was so fun to receive a great meal courtesy of my friend Martin.

I thought of this last week at a community meeting I attended. The meeting started with gathering, a wonderful BBQ (home made burgers, smokies and even veggie burgers for those who appreciate such things) and all the fixings which included home made pickles and other delicious additions, drinks and cookies. The conversation over the food was joyful, teasing, interesting and set the mood for the work we needed to do. When we did get down to work, this group was solution oriented and looked forward to getting more done at our next meetings.

This experience made me think about why Alpha has been such a successful tool, across the globe, in bringing people to Jesus. Eating together, even just sharing life and laughter together is such a missing piece in many lives that when we have the chance to get together with friends or acquaintances for 10 meals, our lives are forever entwined and we feel loved, listened to and we have the opportunity to care. No matter what the topic, hospitality is God’s gift to us.

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Are you keeping up with the first ever Youth Alpha Film Series project?

The Youth Alpha guys just released an update email.  They’re working on the first Alpha videos to be filmed outside the UK!  If you’re like me, you’re excited about the potential for thousands of Alpha Courses across Canada and beyond.  Best news, it’s Free!

Hey Friends,

Hope you are doing well! We are so thankful for all of the kind responses and support after the last message we sent. We have just entered our fifth week of filming and thankfully, we are on schedule and the creative team continues to bring a level of creativity and quality that is beyond what we ever imagined. We spent the first 3 weeks in a studio where we filmed more than half of the course content but now we are able to breath some fresh air. [read more here]

If you’re into the social media thing:
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Who else needs to know about this? Email them and drop me a comment!

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5 Ways I Interrupt My Interruptions

In my mad rushing around to get things done its easy to start evaluating myself based on my productivity.  How many phone calls did I make?  How many widgets did I get on the shelf?  How many pages did I write?  Did the dishes get done?  Did I miss the bus or was I ahead of the game?  It’s a frantic hurry to manage how people see and evaluate my value.  It would be easy to base my value on what others said.

So many interruptions, how can I interrupt my interruptions.

So many interruptions, how can I interrupt my interruptions.

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5 Reasons I Stop Every Day To Listen

Funny story today. As I sat in the coffee shop, after meeting with my friend, I leisurely looked over my notes for the day, made some phone calls and prepared for some meetings that were to happen later in the week. A friend passing by, getting her coffee to go, mentioned how busy life was and how it’s so hard to get away from the work – emails find us everywhere. I shared some of the reasons and tips I have for slowing down and she seemed stirred and envisioned. “Good,” I thought, “I should write about this slowing down and listening. 10 minutes every day adds up to over an hour every week. The little things make a big difference.”

Then at supper, I had that sinking feeling as I remembered, “O CRAP, I MISSED AN APPOINTMENT!” While I was leisurely drinking coffee and thinking of ways to improve other people’s lives, I totally blew a commitment I’d made. Okay, so spending 5 minutes reviewing my calendar for the day would be a great way to improve my reliability. (I’m writing that down.)

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