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5 Reasons I Stop Every Day To Listen


Funny story today. As I sat in the coffee shop, after meeting with my friend, I leisurely looked over my notes for the day, made some phone calls and prepared for some meetings that were to happen later in the week. A friend passing by, getting her coffee to go, mentioned how busy life was and how it’s so hard to get away from the work – emails find us everywhere. I shared some of the reasons and tips I have for slowing down and she seemed stirred and envisioned. “Good,” I thought, “I should write about this slowing down and listening. 10 minutes every day adds up to over an hour every week. The little things make a big difference.”

Then at supper, I had that sinking feeling as I remembered, “O CRAP, I MISSED AN APPOINTMENT!” While I was leisurely drinking coffee and thinking of ways to improve other people’s lives, I totally blew a commitment I’d made. Okay, so spending 5 minutes reviewing my calendar for the day would be a great way to improve my reliability. (I’m writing that down.)

So, I’m not writing on productivity, as I obviously need a little work on that! I do want to give you 5 reasons why you should stop every day to listen to God. I can’t guarantee that it will boost your productivity – at least, it hasn’t worked worked for me – but it will build in you a wealth that can’t be bought or borrowed.

Why I Choose to Stop My Busyness for 10 Minutes Every Day:

1. Interruptions fill my day. God’s agenda is more important to me than the very urgent needs of everyone with my email address. I want God to interrupt my day. Everyone wants my time, but I have the power to choose how I fill in the spaces.
2. My long term health depends on my spiritual health. Busyness wears my spirit thin, but silence and reflection is rejuvenating.
3. Slowing down for 10 minutes is so much cheaper than therapy. With the noise off and my heart listening – 10 minutes, everyday is better for me than 60 minutes of $200/hr counselling. (When I need extra help, I get on my bike for a few hours.)Mental Health Therapy
4. The effect is cumulative. 10 minutes may not make a difference today. 10 minutes a day for the next 30, is a small deposit. 10 minutes a day for the next 10 years is over 600 hours!
5. I was made for this. Though I’m a good, hard worker, I was made by God to enjoy God and be enjoyed by God. 10 minutes, by the clock, will turn my heart soft. I have experienced both the hard slugging of taking time and the enjoyable seasons of seasons of easy and enjoyable reflection. God likes it all.

John Maxwell says that if you have more reasons to do something, you’re more likely to follow through with your plans and you’ll reach your goals. What reasons do you have for slowing down daily to listen, reflect and grow?


Author: Robb Massey

I'm a husband, dad, pastor and a coach. I love following Jesus, riding my bike and having fun with my family. We live in wonderful Winnipeg, Manitoba in the prairie heartland of Canada

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Stop Every Day To Listen

  1. Truly an inspired post Rob… Be still and know… Amen

  2. God bless you ,your family is in our prayers love grandma.
    Turning older then I ever was before and also married 60 years to same sweatheart.

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