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How to get more of of the good stuff God wants to give you (fasting #3)

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My friend Don has taught me much about thriving in the Kingdom of God.  As a Lutheran pastor he was hijacked by the Kingdom and learned to keep saying “Yes” to the Holy Spirit.  I often think of Don when I am struggling with how much more of God I can handle – how much more disruption to my plans and schedule can I endure?  Don’s licence plate says it all: “MOR LRD”.

I want to have that same attitude; I want to be a MOR LRD Jesus follower.  This is available to each of us: to choose trusting and risk over fear, worry and playing-it-safe.  MOR LRD people are dissatisfied people – they never have enough time with God, never have shared the Good News enough, never seen enough people healed, never sold out and radical enough.  It’s an attitude that changes me inside and outside.

Fasting is one of my key ways to develop my MOR LRD lifestyle.  I hope that you’re seeing that the regular practice of fasting is for the purpose of changing me inside more than it is about changing others on the outside.  Let me share some practical tips that any Jesus Follower can use in fasting.

  1. Open up space for the Holy Spirit to move.
    • Hunger helps.  I get grouchy, I’m tempted to work through lunch rather than pray, I eat the leftovers off my kids’ plates and worse.
    • I have a simple, four letter prayer, for when I fast: “HELP!”
  2. Say yes to the affections of the Bridegroom God
    • John 3:16 – it is for the sake of Love that Jesus came and why he relentlessly pursues you and me.
    • It was God’s love for us that turned things around.  He loves us because he loves us.  He enjoys us like a groom enjoys his bride (I remember staying up all night and not fighting sleep).
  3. We agree with the prayer of Jesus that we would be as close to the Father as he himself is.
    • John 17 – Jesus prayed some things, imagine knowing Father God like Jesus knows him.
    • It is the ongoing prayer of Jesus that we would know the Father like Jesus know him. And I am confident that Jesus’ prayers get answered.
  4. We lay our head on the chest of Jesus.  Hearing his heart beat.  Feeling his breathing.  Enjoying the nearness of the Man, Jesus Christ.
    • We follow a real man who really is God and who really is sitting on a real throne.  He really will return to earth and will establish his real kingdom.  He’s real.
    • If you feel silly saying all that, practice it.  Jesus, you are real.  I want to know your thoughts and your emotions.  Tell me; I need to know!

Today, can you think of a reason why you wouldn’t say yes to the discipline of joyful fasting.  Agree with the Holy Spirit that you are loved and enjoyed by God.  You are not a disappointment to the creator of the universe.  You are the apple of his eye; the object of his desire.  He loves you with lovesick desire and He craves, even longs, for the day when you and He will be completely one.

Join me today in saying MOR LRD and opening up yourself for the affections of God to fill you again.


Author: Robb Massey

I'm a husband, dad, pastor and a coach. I love following Jesus, riding my bike and having fun with my family. We live in wonderful Winnipeg, Manitoba in the prairie heartland of Canada

One thought on “How to get more of of the good stuff God wants to give you (fasting #3)

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