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Someone Else’s Testimony on Fasting (#4)


When I crashed with my back, and was literally put on my back for some time, we attended Southland church. The month of January was focused on Fasting and Prayer. Was kinda a new concept for me, but was very excited about this. And so I felt very strongly to be a part of this. My husband and I both committed to fasting every Mon for that month. And it was amazing what God taught us both through this.

I have since then done for of it but not so faithfully.

Would love to be encouraged to do more of this faithfully.

I truly believe if we were faithful to do so, it would be so exciting as to how God would change me.


Author: Robb Massey

I'm a husband, dad, pastor and a coach. I love following Jesus, riding my bike and having fun with my family. We live in wonderful Winnipeg, Manitoba in the prairie heartland of Canada

2 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Testimony on Fasting (#4)

  1. Fasting does take discipline and often times the Lord tells us to fast and pray and we don’t always heed to His voice. One of the things I found out is even when bad things happen instead of me looking at it as being bad find the purpose of God in it and build upon it. My recent lesson was I was giving so much hours into ministry like 60-80 hours and week and my husband kept telling me I needed to take a rest and not do so many hours. And I would tell him I will but I never did. Than one day something happen I had to have emergency surgery done and I was in bed for two weeks after the surgery I could not work I could not use the computer. And of course I thought it was the wrong time to have any type of surgery but my doctor advise me that if I wait I was putting my life in danger. I had the surgery and the lesson I learned being in bed not able to walk or stand up straight was God sure does know how to get my attention. I even said one day while my husband was at work I said Lord you wanted me to rest, You even had my husband to speak to me about rest but I did not listen..I am had to learn a hard lesson I am resting now. What I received was there is nothing wrong with resting, I don’t have to give the Ministry that many hours a week. Now I am healed and much stronger in body and I don’t do those long hours any more…

    There are always lessons we can learn from what happens to us in life..That is why we are to count it all JOY right? Have a bless day

    • Thanks for your story.

      My pastor calls fasting voluntary weakness, or choosing weakness. Sounds like rest and sabbath also fit in the same category.

      I pray that you would be strong in the Lord’s strength – his way of doing things.

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