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Childlike praying

This week I’m continuing to meditate through Oswald Chambers book: Prayer: A Holy Occupation.

Week 1: Boldness – praying boldly, confident that there are no unanswered prayers, reckless and always because God is Almighty!
Week 2: Childlikeness – there is nothing I’ve done to earn the attention of Our Father, He loves us and wants to be our father.

What Chambers says (a few times) is that I need to be stupid about prayer – what do I know? What wisdom do I have? How have I earned the right to be heard in prayer? It’s not my clever words or my wisdom that impresses God, it’s my designation as His child that moves his heart. Continue reading



Prayer as an occupation

I have a real weakness for church libraries and used book stores – and my list of purchased and borrowed of unfinished books is long enough.  Last week I came across a book of Oswald Chambers quotes on prayer – divided into chapters on various requirements for a life of prayer, Prayer: A Holy Occupation.  I think I’ll take the next few weeks to let his words to wash over us in regards to our most holy occupation.

EBook from RBC Ministries - Prayer: A Holy OccupationChambers is certainly not sentimental about prayer (or other topics of faith for that matter), he knew Christ and he took Jesus at His word.  Here are just some of the things he says about our need to be bold in prayer:
“The only platform from which the holiest saint on earth is ever heard is the platform mentioned in Hebrews 10.19, we have, “boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus.”  There is no other way. Continue reading


Is your church failing? Maybe it should fail a little more.

Not too long ago I asked a pastor friend of mine to give a talk on how to build good teams. We had a good outline and he used this to give a great talk on. What we walked away with (my partner Al and I) was a list of axioms that Jerven Weekes has at Rosewood Park Alliance in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Jerven’s axioms:

1. We don’t strive for perfection, we strive for excellence.
Continue reading


Starting something new? Where do you start?

Last week at Springs Leadership Conference I was encouraged and challenged in my process thinking about starting things by Dr. Samuel Chand   He’s one of the world’s leading thinkers in the area of leadership and organizational growth.  I’ve walked home with his book, “Who’s holding your ladder.”  Hope to give you an overview of that in the months to come.

Dr. Chand gave us 5 words to follow sequentially when we’re ready to start something new.  It’s very helpful, because as I listened, I realize that I like to start at the very practical questions of when and who and how – good questions, but not at the start of the process.  Here’s his suggested process and my thoughts.

1. Sustainability – How long is this supposed to last? Continue reading