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Is it better for Jesus to be in Heaven than to be here on earth?


As I continue to reflect through Oswald Chambers’ thoughts on prayer, I’m impressed by this activity of prayer to be my One occupation as a believer in Jesus.  There is nothing else that I do, no other activity that better defines my call to follow Jesus.  I am a praying man or I am not walking in faith. We cannot.001

The first requirement was boldness to know what God wants and to ask with confidence.  The second requirement was to come before God like his favorite child, confident that he loves us and wants to be with us and enjoys our presence.  I hope that you’re experiencing some revelation of who God really is as you reflect on these, I sure am.

Today let me reflect on the communion with God required to carry out our job of prayer.  

Now job is actually not a fair word, as if we pray for payment – no it’s more like a military occupation. Like our lives are full of prayer, even though we never asked for it.  It’s not an unwelcome occupation, but our lives are to be consumed with thoughts of what God is thinking and doing.  I want to be occupied with joyfully agreeing with God on every issue pertaining to my life.

Communion with God, for me, can easily turn into a task I do so that when I go out to do the “work” I’ve got a full heart.  I don’t think that this is what God has in mind.  I wonder if communion is what Jesus had in mind when he said that we’d get the Holy Spirit.  Hanging out with Jesus would be great, but having the Holy Spirit live inside me is even better!  Being in the ongoing presence of God, in all circumstances.

Here are some of Oswald Chamber’s thoughts:

Communion then is making space for the creating God of the universe to recreate me and to pray for me from the inside.

“If the Holy Spirit is allowed to dwell in the human spirit He has energized, he will express the unutterable.  Think what that means.  It means being quickened by the incoming of the Holy Spirit who comes in to dwell supremely, and the amazing revelation is that He intercedes in us, for us, with a tenderness exactly in accordance with the Mind of God.” (pg. 39)

Journalling our desperate prayers isn’t just therapeutic, it gives us a written history of our communion with God.

“Prayer in distress dredges he soul.  It is a good thing to keep a note of the things you prayed about when you were in distress.  We remain ignorant of ourselves because we do not keep a spiritual autobiography.” (pg. 38)

Bad news, you are in a spiritual fight – what God has claimed, the enemy would like to steal.

“The enemy does all he can against our communion with God, against our solitude with God.” (pg. 37)

Holy Spirit, fill me again today.  Teach me who You are, instruct my heart so that my tasks turn to joyful agreement with your desires.  Fill me with longing for your nearness and a hunger for holiness.

How about you? 
  • Do you agree with Jesus that it was better for him to go away so that you could have the Holy Spirit?
  • How do you pursue communion with God?

Author: Robb Massey

I'm a husband, dad, pastor and a coach. I love following Jesus, riding my bike and having fun with my family. We live in wonderful Winnipeg, Manitoba in the prairie heartland of Canada

5 thoughts on “Is it better for Jesus to be in Heaven than to be here on earth?

  1. Nice post and thanks for sharing your thoughts. As my Christian life is only 1 yr. & 8 mths. old I am following your Blog. I also am a big fan of Oswald Chambers. I read Utmost for His Highest every day and have learned so much from Oswald Chambers book. God gives us the resources we need and I always say that God was the one to make sure I found Utmost for His Highest. Praise be to God for answering my prayers.

  2. What a great way to dig into the life of following Jesus. Chambers is not very sentimental, and won’t allow you to wallow in doubt or bad behaviours. I pray that you would be an encouragement to those around you to also engage in daily time with God.

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