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Fear will never give us permission, we have to go past it.

Today as I talked with a friend about having a hard time hearing God’s voice of direction over the past few years, I couldn’t help but think that there was another way. I’m convinced that The Lord enjoys talking with his children and that often, when I can’t hear, there’s something blocking my ability hear.

I’m reminded too of Jackie Pullinger who would gather up a team and GO into Mainland China to do ministry every time she detected a drop in their power in the Spirit. It was on these trips that they’d see God increase their faith by demonstrating power in bringing salvation, signs and wonders. Then, when the team came home, they’d intentionally pass along their increased faith.

I’m a big believer in encouraging Jesus followers to Go on short term mission projects – even if they’re close to home – as a way to increase a sensitivity to the voice of God. There are mysterious connections between GOing on mission and hearing the voice of God. Not everything can be explained, but here are some of my observations:

Hearing God and GOing on mission

1. Jesus’ great commission was “GO, into all the earth.” Every command of God is linked to a blessing. Living in agreement with God allows the realities of His Kingdom to flow. When we obey His command to GO, we get to enjoy the benefits of being right where He wants us. Continue reading



A story of life change to encourage you

This story came through the Alpha office in the past year. Let it encourage you to make friends with your neighbours, pray for open doors to share your faith, run an Alpha and generally to be available to God.

The Dave and Charis Burton Story

Before they met


“As a child, my grandparents were the spiritual leaders in the family, while my parents were ‘passive and reluctant followers’.

“When I was seven, my family relocated to Red Deer, Alberta. We moved 11 hours away from everything I knew and loved. When we moved away from my mother’s parents, it was as though we moved away from God as well.
“In time, the importance of God and belonging to a church family faded. I made a decision when I was 13 that God and I should part ways. I rationalized it by telling God that by associating myself with Him, I’d make Him look really bad. I told Him it’d be in His best interest if we pretended not to know each other.

“My teen years were difficult on everybody I loved. I broke my parents’ hearts over and over, to the point where I was sure they couldn’t possibly love me anymore.

Continue reading