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It’s the Easter Weekend – what if someone comes to faith?

I am not a fisherman.  There are a few reasons, primarily this: a good day for fishing is an even better day for bike riding.  Second reason?  I’m not a big fan of cleaning the fish.  Catching fish is fun, but what you have to do between catching and eating is just a little beyond me.

Alpha bannerFor many of us, the work of making disciples of Jesus is much the same.  I’m not sure about you, but I think I’m more worried about evangelism being successful than unsuccessful. If I share my faith and it’s rejected, I can carry on as usual.  If the Gospel is accepted, then I need to get to work on helping this new believer learn to walk with Jesus.  I like bringing a person to faith & I like working with mature believers, but helping them grow in maturity is just hard work.

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Are Alpha Churches ready for people who find faith in prison?

I have a theory, but it’s untested and I need some help.

Churches that run Alpha are more than halfway ready to welcome people who find faith during an Alpha Course in prison.

Now, it’s just a theory, but wouldn’t you like to help me test it?

If you’re in Winnipeg May 2, would you consider joining me for a roundtable discussion called Breaking the Cycle of Crime.  We’ve designed the time to be focused on building relationships between pastors, prison chaplains & those working in after prison ministries.  We’ll hear from Alpha for Prisons Director John Kreklo and have opportunity to talk together about what God may be doing in our city and province. Continue reading

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Getting better at Evangelism – Exponential Webcast

I’m inviting you to join me and Steve Swan at King’s Fellowship (190 Osborne St N, Winnipeg,) for the live webcast of the Exponential Church Planting Conference. The theme is: To Seek and To Save. You could sit in your office and watch it for free, online, on your iPad – or you could drive, bus or pedal over to King’s and join us for good teaching, lunch together and lively discussion. With the speakers and hosts, you’re unlikely to feel under-stimulated.FREE – bring a bag lunch or some money to order in pizza (or hit up a food truck)Here’s the topics:


Learning from great leaders to do the work we’ve been called to!

Rethinking Evangelism

Evangelism and discipleship are inseparable. As leaders, we have a key role to help people see that evangelism is an integral part of discipleship. Scripture shows us that as we apprentice people in the ways of Jesus, we will make disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples. A strong discipleship culture in our church naturally produces evangelism. Continue reading