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The Steegjesrace at Druivenfestival Hoeilaart 2014

Now this is a fun (and when I say fun I mean, all out pukey fun for 60 minutes) criterium race through the streets, parks, church yards and castle grounds of Hoeilaart.  Next year baby!  Lord I need a fast bike.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll commute by bike!



My morning walk in Hoeilaart

One of the best things about having a dog is that I have an excuse to get out and explore. Then the benefit of a smart phone is that I can go further and still find my way home.

I suppose that’s the way with the Lord too. The Holy Spirit is very curious – so as I listen to the voice of God I get taken on journeys. The added benefit is that God can’t get lost – so we can find ourselves in far away and interesting places, confident that we will find our way home.

Here’s some of what I saw this morning on the roads near our home.