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Are you a masterpiece?

I’m sitting in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in a corner of some room filled with amazing paintings.  Some of them are just tests – the artist was practicing so that he could later do a masterpiece.  It’s a great place to be considering the longest story told in the book of Genesis (longer than Noah, creation or Joseph).  I believe that this story, found in Genesis 24, is a vivid portrait (or allegory) of the God’s own search.  The story is a masterpiece but the subject of the story is young and immature.

Room 81 at the V & A
I would entitle the story of Genesis 24: “Rebekah’s Extravagant Responsiveness.”

This story starts with desire (every great love story does) – the desire of Abraham for a family.  He wants a bride for his son.  There is no mention of Isaac’s desire for a wife, but I think we can safely assume that his passions are coming alive and his dad wants a daughter-in-law who will carry on the family line that God started.  This bride must be pure and carry the values of Abraham’s family.  God is starting a family and this bride will be the mother of descendants as numerous as the sands on the beach. Continue reading