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Our One Word for 2015

We have a fun family tradition that involves looking back at the year we just had and forward into the next.  Rather than setting resolutions that will be hard to keep, impossible to track or even just plain discouraging, we talk and pray and consider what word will guide us through the year to come.

The idea comes from Jon Gordon – it’s something he does with corporate teams, sports teams and families – to help them focus their goals and increase team cohesion.  Here’s a little video that fires me up again for 2015:

This is our third year to do One Word.  Each family member chooses their word.  Sometimes it’s simple and it comes easily.  Other times it’s been a wrestle to discover the word that God is giving us to help us through the next months.

Last year the Lord gave me the word re:load and the picture was of a boat at the dock, preparing for loading.  Everything was still and it was waiting to be filled.  That certainly was a helpful picture to understand the weeks of waiting for visas, passports, jobs, tickets and the new situation that we find ourselves in.  While everything is exciting, it’s been a season of reloading and even readjusting the load.

Here are our words for 2015: