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How to do a singing Bible study

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Dear Worship Leader,

I enjoy worshiping and singing with you – it’s easy because your heart wants to worship.  Your role is important because the songs we sing will stay with us longer than most sermons or even encouraging words.  Your worship, helps us worship.

I’d like to give you a little tool to help your Bible Study time turn into songs between you and Jesus with a little model: Read it, Write it, Say it, Sing it, Pray it (thanks to my friend Kirk Bennett).  The goal is to take God’s word and turn it into prayerful worship, new songs and increased revelation of God.

Read it: Take your verse or story or section of verses and read it.  I’d suggest reading in one or two different versions (or languages if you’re comfortable with that).

Write it: Write the passage out in your own words.  Then write out the things that you notice. What questions do you have?  What things do you notice?  What came before?  What is coming after?  Are there promises or warnings or examples?  Are there other stories or Bible stories that come to mind.

Say it: Reading out loud allows it to leave your mouth and come into your ears – it’s another way to experience the Bible.

Sing it: Now, sit down with your guitar or piano and sing the passage.  The goal is to move the scriptures from your head into your heart.  You want to worship and sing the songs of heaven.  As you sing, see if you can find a chorus that’s repeatable.

Pray it: This is the final goal – to turn your Bible Study into a conversation with the God of all creation. Ask God for the things that He wants.  Use His words to give Him praise.  Learn from God how to pray and then do it.  Your prayers can be said or sung (or both).

By working through a model or system you will discipline your mind and body to be a place where God can live.  Take the time, day by day, to build up your skill in Bible Study and singing the Word.  You already have great skill in your instruments and voice, now let’s let the Holy Spirit connect the Bible and your music.  If you’d like, start with the 5 songs in Revelation 4 & 5.

My prayer for you is that you would have new songs to sing and songs that inspire this next generation of  young people to encounter Jesus, the One on the Throne.


(this is a 2 hour clip of Ryan Kondo doing a Worship with the Word set – the big black guy in the back row of singers with the Superman chain is my friend Ryeon)
(and this is what happens when you rap the Word)

Author: Robb Massey

I'm a husband, dad, pastor and a coach. I love following Jesus, riding my bike and having fun with my family. We live in wonderful Winnipeg, Manitoba in the prairie heartland of Canada

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