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Exams in Belgium

A good street view of Brussels from my bike ride.

A good street view of Brussels from my bike ride.

Here’s a little photo I took as I rode my Villo! bike through Brussels yesterday. It may be unwise and a little dangerous but the view is impressive.

Exam time started today! And exams here in Belgium are serious business. Already last year when Sinéad and Silas were in grade 2 and 4 they had quite serious end of year exams that many children stress about. This year Olivia (grade 6) and Orien (grade 8) have significant exams that could leave them with extra work for the summer or the chance to do their grade over. If you’re Canadian, you can’t relate to this type of exam stress until grade 12 or university.

The good news is that our children are developing good study habits at a very young age and that they are excelling in their exams. Continue reading


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The Steegjesrace at Druivenfestival Hoeilaart 2014

Now this is a fun (and when I say fun I mean, all out pukey fun for 60 minutes) criterium race through the streets, parks, church yards and castle grounds of Hoeilaart.  Next year baby!  Lord I need a fast bike.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll commute by bike!

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How do you justify hours a day watching men in brightly coloured spandex?

Every start of July I try to justify the many hours I spend with my kids watching le Tour de France.  Outside of it being family time, and compelling television, it is lots of hours.  So, I might as well reflect and consider what I’m observing in the leaders of this race.le Tour de France!

Chris Froome – Never let your opponents have a chance to even hope for victory.  Froome’s had the chance to sit back and use his 4-5 minute buffer, but instead he’s answered every attack, he’s stayed with Contador on dangerous descents and he’s attacked on the time trials, winning two stages so far and steeling hope when possible.

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Robb’s Laws for getting back on your bike

Yesterday I was having a good conversation with a friend about getting ready to ride bike again this spring.  It’s been a few years and so he’s weighing his options: get the bike he’d really like to ride (high quality and ready to race), upgrade the 20 year old bike in his garage or find an entry level bike that may suit his needs now, but not in the future if he reaches his goals.

Here in Winnipeg, the snow is just starting to melt, and we’re starting to think of all the spring activities we can do (in our parkas because it’s still -9C).  The bike shops are ready for you to come a spend some time and money to be ready for a new season of riding.  So what should you be considering if it’s been some time since you got on your bike?

It’s still snowy here in Winterpeg, but we can all feel the thaw coming (and the flood forecasts).

Getting ready to ride?  Here are 3 of my Laws for Cycling for Life, because I want you to find that cycling is a sport you can enjoy for most of your life (it’s not just for kids). Continue reading