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What to do on Halloween?

A friend emailed me recently who feels torn between giving their kids the fun of Halloween and standing against the evil associated with the day (witchcraft, gluttony). Here’s part of my response.

Halloween for us is our one chance annually to talk to all our neighbours. If the Lord is telling you not to celebrate on this day, keep reading, I have some ideas.

We participate at Halloween for these reasons:
1. It was, at some point, Christian celebration: hallowe’en is hallowed evening which is holy evening
2. Partying together is bonding
3. God is redeeming all things: he’s making all things new.
4. I really like the final chance to see my neighbours before we lock everything down for the winter. (a Winnipeg thing)

But, don’t destroy your conscience. The Lord has a reason for how you feel (same as how I feel about obligation gift giving at Christmas – if it’s an obligation it’s no gift). Here’s some ideas about how to make it special and not engaging in the evil elements of the night.

1. Volunteer to be a safety patrol. Be crossing guards at a busy intersection.
2. Put on a big pot of soup or chili, pull your fire pit to the front yard and feed the parents of kids.
3. Kids love to dress up. Dress up with them, go buy some candy and visit the children’s hospital (or the seniors home). Do it a day early or a day late and it’s just goofy. Do it on the 31st and it’s still goofy.

Ultimately, if you’re feeling uneasy, ask the Lord and ask your family. Help your kids know what you feel uncomfortable about, because it’s probably not everything. It may be that you’re to pray and call others to pray. (This is probably a good idea anyway).

Your feelings on it are trustworthy, but for what purpose? There’s no universal principal, you must walk with the Spirit. Can you think of ways to bring honor to Jesus on Halloween? What do you do to be God honouring on Halloween?