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A Review of The Parenting Course

Last night was the last night of our Parenting Course and I thought that you might appreciate a review of how it went for us.

We advertised by word of mouth, in the community, at church, on Facebook and targeted emails.  We were quite specific with who we advertised to because we ran it in our home and knew that not everyone would be comfortable going to someone’s house.  In the end, it was Christa and I and one other couple. Continue reading



Outliers – My book reflection

I’ve read a bunch of books this year and this was probably my favourite.  Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  First of all, an outlier is someone (or a group) who out performs others in an exceptional way.  Some of the examples from the book are: The Beatles, Bill Gates, Jewish lawyers in New York, violent hillbillies in the southern states, hockey players born January to April, The KIPP program and rice farmers.

What Gladwell found and what I found memorable: Continue reading