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5 Keys for New Followers of Jesus

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The question I’m answering here is: what are the 5 essential things every new believer needs to grow in their walk with Jesus. Most leaders will answer this differently because their skills, gifts and experiences are different. What does this list tell you about my skills, gifts and experiences?

1. Community. The older I get, the more I realize Continue reading


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Give it up

With the season of Lent coming quickly (Pancake Tuesday on … Tuesday!) I’d like to share a short reflection by Sandy Millar (former vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in London).

“The point of Lent is not just to give up coffee or alcohol or whatever it is we have resolved, worthy though that may be. It is to give up sin.”

In my life, starting afresh today, I declare myself an enemy of sin and willingly turn aside from everything that keeps me from the Love of God.