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How to do a singing Bible study

Dear Worship Leader,

I enjoy worshiping and singing with you – it’s easy because your heart wants to worship.  Your role is important because the songs we sing will stay with us longer than most sermons or even encouraging words.  Your worship, helps us worship.

I’d like to give you a little tool to help your Bible Study time turn into songs between you and Jesus with a little model: Read it, Write it, Say it, Sing it, Pray it (thanks to my friend Kirk Bennett).  The goal is to take God’s word and turn it into prayerful worship, new songs and increased revelation of God. Continue reading



The default setting is: Pray

I have often wondered how when Jesus is so amazing – his life, his power, his wisdom – and yet most of my life I have struggled to spend time with him in prayer. I want to enjoy him, but my own brain and experience seems to keep me at a distance. It’s also easier to do things for God than to partner with Jesus and to spend the time needed in prayer.

Guilt. Shame. Hard work. Failure. Boredom. These are the words that often accompany the description of my life in prayer, maybe you Continue reading

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How can you make space for more joy in your life?

   This is your invitation to enjoy Jesus.  Now I suspect that some people might react to this statement with questions or even shock – how could I enjoy Jesus.  Serving sounds easy, worshiping is understandable but enjoying?  This is the journey that we will take together through the season of Lent.  A journey of discovering God as lovesick over us and of enjoying Jesus, the great bridegroom.

giving up sin.001.jpg.001

What is Lent?

     Imagine that your mom is making your favourite meal for you.  She’s spent time this week shopping and planning and she’s spent all day in the kitchen baking and cooking and thinking of you with every dish she’s preparing.  Now imagine that on your way to this feast, you stop off at McDonalds and have a Super-sized Big Mac Combo and a milkshake.  As amazing as that might sound, it’s garbage compared to what your mom prepared and when you show up to eat, you aren’t even going to be hungry.  Who of us would do this (at least intentionally)?  No, if someone is making us a special meal, we want to come to the feast hungry.

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An open letter to my family in the Canadian Vineyard churches

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Lord seems to have given me a little time to reflect on my time with the Vineyard and I’d like to encourage you to keep on in the work of the Canadian Vineyard Churches. Abba has given us an amazing row to hoe.

We came into the Vineyard in 2002 as we looked for a church that was evangelically orthodox and that had a practice of caring for the poor. We’d been working in an inner-city drop-in centre, living in that community and going to a large suburban church. The way we did church did not translate well to the way we did ministry.

Our second Sunday at Winnipeg Centre Vineyard was the summer of 2002 – 200+ people packed into the ministry centre at Main and Selkirk. The chaos was strangely familiar and I loved that I could see three distinct groups – the highly engaged at the front, the socializers at the back (mixed in too with the street crowd) and the people in the middle were trying to find a safe spot between the flag wavers, arm raisers, sniffers and the socializers. We had intended to shop around for churches but we really didn’t – we found the Vineyard to feel like what we were looking for.

I felt that if our drop-in families came to faith in Jesus, that church would begin to feel like this.

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New Adventures Ahead

I am so excited to share with you that I have accepted the position of Associate Pastor of the Brussels Vineyard Church in Brussels, Belgium!  Starting on July 1st, the next chapter of our lives of following Jesus takes us to the capital city of Europe to join the staff of this exciting and missional church.
The Belgian tri-color

The Belgian tri-color

Belgium (and most of Europe) is considered to be very difficult ground for bringing the Good News of Jesus.  According to Operation World, 1.2% of the population is evangelical Christian and another 0.9% is charismatic Christian.  Most Belgians have given up on faith and have little or no knowledge of the Biblical story.  This means that, though we will be ministering in the church,  we will be acting as missionaries to make disciples.

My role will be to help the church in 3 key areas: children, youth and Alpha.  It’s exciting to be able to take my experience and passion and serve with a team of elders, pastors, staff, bivocational missionaries and local Belgians. This church has many highly involved members.  I’ve been told that my job is to work myself out of a job!

There are many other questions to answer, but I think this is enough for now. Tune in as I keep you up to date here!

Send in your questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

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Who unites us is greatest!


This is a thank you to the Ecumenical Youth Network here in Winnipeg. I was invited to be the MC (the leader of the worship service) tonight – I told everyone that I was the comedy leader since as a vineyard pastor I’m so unfamiliar with written liturgy (we’ve got liturgy, it’s just mostly unwritten). We had lots of fun!
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